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ATURI - the moment of rest and relaxation.

Do You want the moment of rest and relaxation after hard day at work? If You do, our offer is just for You. Let Yourself for the journey to the distant place in the world, during which You'll experience a wonderful recreation. Wide range of massages and ceremonies and qualified polish-asian stuff will take a good care of the time You'll spend with us.

Reaching for the natural treasures and wisdom of Far East...

and distant corner of the world we would like to invite You to the best salon in this part of the land, where in indonesian climate and with the chinease cup of tea, our professional crew with the highest level of treating will take You to the wide range of massages and ceremonies. If You suffer from any pain - our Asian masseuses will help to restore Your physical health. You're warmly invited to visit us.

We also possess special DOU ROOM where we have two beds especially for massaging couples or friends…

ATURI - the history of the brand name.

It's a species of the long-term plant which comes from tropical Asia. It has abillity to move its leaves upright or to describe the circles around itself, that's why the plant is  called the telegraph-plant or dancing plant. The leaves moves because of the light, touch or sound, like loud singing. Probably the cause of the leaves movements is protection from intensive light and  water loss.

The plant won the award on World Exposition of Exotic Plants in 1999. It was also presented to the President of China.
The roots of Aturi are used in Indian medicine as a remedy for asthma, cough. Leaves and flowers were helpful in healing the wounds.


Virtual tour:

Oriental, relaxing, professionally - see how we make our most popular massage and feel the atmosphere of adding energy relaxation. With massages offered in ATURI you can relieve your body of stress, which affects not only the mood, but also on health.

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