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It's a luxurious massage made with natural butter from african shea butter tree with aromatic oils. Shea butter gives Your body complex of vitamins, nourishing ingredients needed to make Your skin definately more delicate and soft, smooth, moistured and healthy.Before the massage we warm the shea butterr and it's aplicated on skin as it has 40 degrees, so it increases the feelings and therapeutic action of the massage.

Shea butter is panacea for all skin diseases. It contains mostly vitamins and triglicerides, that's why it nourishes so well. It protects from sun and wind.



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120 min | 320 zł 
90 min | 220 zł 
60 min | 170 zł 


Oriental, relaxing, professionally - see how we make our most popular massage and feel the atmosphere of adding energy relaxation. With massages offered in ATURI you can relieve your body of stress, which affects not only the mood, but also on health.

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