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Wisdom is to draw from ancient East experience.

One in a kind complex way of therapy for soul and body. Buddhist joga system connected with Ayurveda - ancient kind of holistic medicine.

Fusion of practics of Asans - positions of the body which has wide therapeutic, profilactic, cleansing and relaxing impact with the relaxing massage based on gentle but firm movements similar to Joga.

As a result of it we get wide understood health:

Physical - without painful tension of the muscles, feeling of heaviness, overweight of the body, lack of vital energy, heaviness of the joints.

Mental - without intelectual tiredness, ballast of negative emotions.

Spiritual - in a state of happiness and satisfaction of Yourself and Your life.

In Thai massage we press particular points of the body, going up from feet to the head. It is performed not only by hands but also with thumbs, wrists, forearms, even elbows, knees and feet. The person who's experiencing the massage presume many different positions proper for Joga, that's why Thai massage is also called 'Joga for lazy people'.

Benefits from Thai massage:
- Improves circulation of blood and lymph,
- releases body from toxins,
- improve immune system.







  60 min |120 zł  
90 min | 170 zł 
120 min | 210 zł 

Oriental, relaxing, professionally - see how we make our most popular massage and feel the atmosphere of adding energy relaxation. With massages offered in ATURI you can relieve your body of stress, which affects not only the mood, but also on health.

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