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Radio waves in cosmetics allow for lifting the skin without a scalpel . Thanks to the unique capabilities of this device , during a single treatment session can reduce cellulite , local excess fat or flabby skin. The results of treatment are similar to liposuction. The procedure can be performed on : arms, abdomen , inner and outer thighs , knees, chest , back obese . The use of RF contributes to the reduction of excess body fat and helps body shaping . Facials reduce wrinkles , increase skin elasticity , model oval face and improve her appearance.
Monopolarności connection with multipolarnością gives amazing results that are already visible after 24 hours after surgery !!!
Multi - polar is a revolutionary and most spectacular in terms of the effects of technology that uses RF energy multi remodeling and rebuilding of collagen .

- Effective slimming and body contouring
- Reduction of cellulite
- Slender waist
- lymphatic drainage
- Stimulation of lipolysis
- To improve skin density
- Firming the skin
- Raising the buttocks
- Improving the tension and elasticity of the skin
- Stimulation of cellular metabolism
- Restoration of collagen fibers
- Elimination of the so-called . the loose skin around the abdomen and inner thighs

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45 min | 200 zł 





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