Our staff

Aturi Massage Salon

it is an oasis and a temple of peace, harmony and relaxation. We offer massages and treatments straight from Indonesia, Hawaii, Thailand and Japan.

All massages and treatments are performed by certified masseuses from Bali.
In their practice, they use the gift of healing touch, established in the Asian tradition of holistic practices,
Ayurvedic knowledge, comprehensive professional training and experience gained during work in reputable massage salons around the world.

Exotic massage techniques and rituals used by Aturi therapists are based on the relevant European culture primum non nocere – first of all, no harm, which lays down rules of professional ethics for both doctors and masseurs.
A relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in our salon, combined with the professionalism of therapeutic treatments,
lead to extraordinary effects of relaxation and revitalization of the body and spirit.

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