Offers for the companies

Office workers belong to the highest risk group due to the sedentary nature of work, therefore we have expanded our offer with office massage, which is available in two variants:

  •  therapeutic massage performed on a massage chair (massage time for one person is 10-15 minutes)
  •  therapeutic massage performed at the employee’s station (massage time for one person is 5-10 minutes)

Massage is the only effective form of help in the case of back pains. Special massage techniques are adapted to the nature of employee overload, closely related to their nature of work.

  • Increases concentration in employees
  • Reduces the level of fatigue and stress
  • Reduces pain


  •  Reducing sickness absenteeism among employees
  •  Improving the company’s image on the labor market – easier recruitment of qualified employees
  •  Improving the atmosphere among employees
  •  Increasing trust in management

The massage is performed through clothes, without  oils, does not require prior preparation. It includes the muscles of the neck, back and hands. When used regularly, it can be an excellent source of prophylaxis.

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