Chocolate Luxury Ceremony
Time Price
90 min PLN 399 (for one person)

Ceremony Chocolate Delight, is a unique combination of top quality chocolate peeling and chocolate massage.


Caress the body is sometimes a symptom of tenderness towards being.
Indonesian tradition of care treatment based on the belief in that the external appearance reflects the inner being of man. Therefore, the Indonesian women for centuries had attached great importance to the use of different treatments to allow proper care of health and beautiful appearance of the body and especially the skin – its elasticity, smoothness, velvety softness. Originally practices were used in the palaces of Bali and Java by insiders close circle of women who carry out ritual przedślubnym “stroking the skin” of the bride and other mysterious treatments designed to prepare the body, mind and soul of the girls to the future life with her husband.


Smoothing, finely grained salt peeling with a unique, appetizing smell. Exfoliates dead skin, cleanses and refreshes the skin. It has nourishing, strengthening and firming. With the use of 100% cocoa, rich in valuable micronutrients skin peeling skin stimulates the production of endorphins, which are responsible for our well-being. The addition of the Bochnia salt iodine-bromine ,, an intense boost health microelements.


Arouse your senses with chocolate. Chocolate used during the massage restores the skin’s radiance and a beneficial effect on mood. Revitalizes the skin all over the body, moisturizes and improves its tone and reduce fat. Additionally, it slows the aging process and removes stress due to chocolate, which releases hormones of happiness. The procedure can be performed with chocolate body peeling.


Therapeutic effect **
Relaxing effect: *****