Lulur – Indonesian peeling and body mask
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60 min PLN 190

The Indonesian tradition of nurturing purification is based on the belief that external appearance reflects the inside of a human being. Therefore, Indonesian women for centuries attached great importance to the use of various treatments to properly care for health and beautiful appearance of the body and, above all, the skin – its elasticity, smoothness, velvet softness. Originally, the practices of LULUR were used in the palaces of Bali and Java by a strictly initiated group of women who, in the wedding ritual, carried out the bride’s “skin stroking” and other mysterious treatments to prepare the girl’s body, mind and soul for her future life with her husband. To this day, Indonesian women devote to body care even a few hours a day, they still use ancient LULUR recipes using medicinal, beauty and cosmetic properties tested by generations of plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, seeds and tree bark. And these components with exotic-sounding names, such as pandanus, papaya, and avocado, are components of masks and peels that calm the senses with the aroma itself. Their varied consistency gives the Lulur effect – a deep “skin stroking” and cleansing body massage.


  • body peeling with selected LULUR: lemongrass, coffee, green tea, chocolate;
  • full body mask:


A delicate, creamy nourishing and moisturizing mask for the body perfectly refreshes and smoothes the skin. Hydromanil allows for long-lasting and deep hydration, supports the enzymatic function of corneocytes, regulates the process of exfoliation of the epidermis, eliminates thickening, and thus leaves the stratum corneum consistent and elastic. The d-panthenol and allatonin present in the mask, regenerate, soothe and soothe irritations, give the skin a healthy look. The mask is recommended for dry, dehydrated, irritated and overexposed skin.


Cranberry rejuvenating and reshaping creamy body mask based on clay, which rebuilds, remineralises and absorbs impurities. Intensively nourishes the skin, helps regain its firmness and elasticity. AHA acids regulate the process of keratosis and improve hydration. The presence of the Provislim complex supports the process of cellulite reduction, reduces local fat storage and improves skin elasticity. Cranberry provides the skin with vitamins and minerals that have antioxidant and rejuvenating properties. The product is recommended for people fighting cellulite and excessive fat, for tired, vascular and need skin rejuvenation.

Therapeutic effect *
Relaxing effect: *****