Sports massage
Time Price
45 min PLN 259

Sports massage is one of the most popular massages. Is a treatment designed primarily for athletes and active people, but not professionally involved in sport. Stands (depending on needs) The following varieties of massage:

  • to maintain health,
  • training,
  • before the competition and during the competition.

It is recommended also to people with a history of injuries, and those who want to return to the sport after a long break. Sports massage is as if the “enhanced” version of the classic massage and has much in common with him, turns out to be more intense and is used when it is taken more force. Use a variety of techniques – from stroking, rubbing, kneading and tapping after chopping.

Massage that relieves pain in muscles and joints, reduces fatigue, improves blood circulation, it also helps get rid of the so-called. soreness, as it removes toxins from the body, and accelerates regeneration and makes us more robust to injury.

As with the majority of such procedures contraindications for sports massage are menstruation, fever, tumors, skin diseases, disease states (including that due to parasitic infections) as well as atherosclerosis, haemophilia, bleeding may occur and varicose veins.

Therapeutic effect *****
Relaxing effect: *