Masaż tantryczny
Tantric massage
Time Price
120 min PLN 500
90 min PLN 400
60 min PLN 300
30 min PLN 250

The ritual of Tantra is a ceremony, which sources need to be searched in oriental ancient books, full of true words about spiritual development, enlightenment of the mind and a sacred relationship with human body. The first step on this path is the moment of absolute peace, calm and mute. The reason of this is to be passive, calm, relaxed and able to take every benefits of it. Real tantra isn’t a relationship between two people – it’s a celebration of our “here and now”, where everything is perfect, complete and doesn’t need any words of commentary.  But it never happens in rush or anxiety. That why the dim light and soft music create an private and mysterious aura.

The tantric massage is a touch compatible with the way of energy flowing through the body. It coming everything what is the best by giving the respect and loving, on which the body deserves. In this way it creates life energy, which gives youngness, beauty, make self—awareness grow and release our potential. The lesson of tantra is, that we deserve for every pleasure that we are able to get, and the best way to grow it is to love yourself. Masseuse I tantra massage isn’t partner, but she is a teacher and a quide, whi knows what to do to make a right ritual. Dedicated only for adult recipient.


Therapeutic effect: **
Relaxing effect: *****