Hawaiian Wind of Luxury
Time Price
120 min PLN 549 (for one person)
120 min PLN 999 (for a couple)

The fresh scent of blooming flowers and gentle, dance moves are the best you can look for on the islands of Hawaii. They play a central role in our ceremony, during which we will take care of the whole body, from the feet to the top of the head.

The ceremony includes:

  • aroma foot bath with goat milk, flowers and slat & foot massage
  • Coconut peeling
  • Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage
  • A glass of wine

Bearing in mind the good of our clients, and above all – satisfaction with the quality of services we offer, we ask for advance booking for selected ceremonies – this time will allow us to refine all the elements included in the ceremony so that the moments spent at us were unforgettable. Our Ceremonies can be a great gift idea for your loved ones on the occasion of their anniversary or birthday.


Therapeutic effect ***
Relaxing effect: *****