Classical chinese cupping masage
Time Price
60 min PLN 189
30 min PLN 140

Improve Your metabolizm and get rid of the ‘orange skin’ additionally give Yourself calmness and relax. Thanks to underpressure which is created between skin and a gum bulb it intensively stimulates hypodermie and visibly improves the condition of firmless skin. The massage stimulates blood and body fluids circulation, helps to remove metabolism products and toxins. As a result of stimulated metabolism the reduction in body fat is observed, so it’s ideal during loosing weight process. It has priceless power in anticellulite treatments. Cupping massage lasts 15-30 minutes, it should be sistematically repeated 10-12 times, with the breaks not often than 3 days.


  • Helpful in reduction of body fat;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • helps to remove body toxins and excess water from body;
  • improves skin elasticity and flexibility.

During the cupping massages keeping the diet and exercising is required.


Therapeutic effect ****
Relaxing effect: *