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Caress of the body may be a symptom of affection for the being. Indonesian tradition of cleansing the body comes from the faith that the way we look outside is our inner look itself. That's why indonesian women from ages set much store by different treatments, helpful in keeping the proper look of the body, specially the skin - its firmness, smoothness and silky softness. Originally practics of Lulur were only in Bali and Java castles, by stritly prepared women which made special patting of the bride and other mistical treatments, preparing the body, soul and mind of the future wife for her life with the husband. Untill today indonesian women spend a few hours per day preparing themselves, still using old formulas Lulur using old, tried already by generations healing, caring, cosmetic features of plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, seeds and bark of trees. These ingredients, with their exotic names like: pandan, papaya, avocado are bases of masks and peelings which are calming with the scents instantly. Their differential texture gives the Lulur effect - deep patting of the skin and cleansing body massage.


- exfoliation of the whole body with the chosen kind of Lulur: coffee, lemongrass, chocolade,
- body mask,
- body balm.



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90 min | 220 zł (Monopol)  

Oriental, relaxing, professionally - see how we make our most popular massage and feel the atmosphere of adding energy relaxation. With massages offered in ATURI you can relieve your body of stress, which affects not only the mood, but also on health.

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